Cher Odum, ‘Awake’, 2016, J. Pepin Art Gallery
Cher Odum, ‘Awake’, 2016, J. Pepin Art Gallery

24” X 20" x 1" (framed)
3" wide metallic frame

Poem by Dan Stone

Yes, I'm alert, awake.
My head's no longer
in the sand.
I'm sitting up straight,
facing what I must
because I can.
I have a point of view
if not a plan.
You have one too.
It's all we really need--
the will to see,
to take a stand.
Open wide the heart,
the mind, the trusting eyes.
Refuse to compromise
the truth you're holding
in your hands.
Take a chance.
Exaggerate that
knowing glance.
You'll be surprised
what you create.

Signature: Signed lower right front

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