Cher Odum, ‘Circle of Joy’, 2017, J. Pepin Art Gallery

27.5” x 30.5” x .5"(framed)
2" wide black frame

Poem by Dan Stone

What's under way?
Despair you might say,
or counting the costs?
No, not today.
Today it's the dance,
a circle of joy,
a joining of hands,
a blessing of beasts
who know our best ploy
for beating the blues
is taking a chance
on laughter and fun,
finding what's lost.
We're not down or out.
It's not over yet.
We've only begun
to summon the sun,
the spirit of play
that helps us get through
to the unassailable
light that this rainbow
called life is still
all about, to the faith
we all bring.
There is plenty of room
on our open dance floor
for your hearts to sing.
It's merrier with more
so what do you say?

Signature: signed lower left front

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