Cher Odum, ‘Just Chill’, 2016, J. Pepin Art Gallery

14.5" x 14.5" x .75" framed
1.5" wide gold colored frame

Poem by Dan Stone

Mama said there'd
be day's like this,
even seasons,
where I've had my fill.
So many reasons
I could name
to just, chill.
What the world needs
now may be love
but also just a break.
It's never a mistake
to lose the groans,
the gripes, the mutter.
Slap a bandaid
on whatever bleeds,
take back the day.
If you think these
wings too slight,
too flimsy
to take flight,
to even flutter,
then you've missed
the point.
It's not what you
think's right or real.
Take a pill.
Today, it's all about
the whimsy.

Signature: signed lower right front

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