Cher Odum, ‘Nothing but the Truth ’, 2017, J. Pepin Art Gallery

42.5” x 32.5" x .75" (framed)
2.5"wide black frame

Poem by Dan Stone

Welcome to my studio.
Like my subjects? No?
That's too bad.
I find them just so . . .
willing, so prepared
to give their all.
Others tend to fuss,
way too involved
in how it goes,
care too much
about their clothes,
their makeup, hair . . .
God forbid you muss
it up or make them mad
or worse--paint
what you see.
This ain't a fashion shoot.
I prefer a rowdy look,
less glamour, bling.
That's why some models
get the boot.
I dig that these
beasts and birds
are always down
to bring the party here.
They don't pose
or pout or mess around.
They show up wearing
nothing but the truth.
They know where
the freedom's found.
They tell it like it is.
I just spread the word.

Signature: Signed front lower right

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