Cheryl Maeder, ‘Submerge V’, ArtStar

30x45 inches, edition of 10 $5,000
Framing or face mounting not available for this piece

Submerge Series explores the relationship human beings have with the environment. The human body contains 70% of water fluids and the oceans waters cover more than 70% of the Earth itself. Water represents our connectedness to the Earth and to each other. Submerge is the courage and willingness to take the leap into the depths of the Waters of the Soul.

ABOUT THIS ARTIST: Unexpected perspectives and vividly vivacious color come together in Cheryl Maeder's photographs. Fascinated by coastal living, Maeder creates pensively dreamy images of being at the beach. Exotic with haze, and tranquilly peaceful, Maeder's photographs are impressionistic visions of where ocean meets land.

Publisher: ArtStar

About Cheryl Maeder

USA & Switzerland, New Jersey, USA, based in West Palm Beach, FL, United States