Cheryl Pope, ‘I ONLY NOTICE YOU WHEN I SEE YOU from the DEUCES series’, 2015, moniquemeloche

About Cheryl Pope

In a practice that has included sculpture, installation, assemblage, drawing, video, and performance, Cheryl Pope explores identities and relationships, and the social and political conditions that shape them. In a collection of work that revolves around found ceramic dishes, Pope examines the tension and conflict inherent in domestic life. In Stacks (2010), a video work based on a live performance, viewers watch a woman’s torso as she attempts, and ultimately fails, to stack a seemingly endless supply of white dishes, plates, and cups without breaking them. For Tick (2011), Pope created a kinetic sculpture composed of a stack of plates suspended from a motorized arm, which grinds repeatedly into a wall, leaving marks and producing an abrasive sound. “I am interested in developing communities through my work via collaboration, relevancy, and outreach,” she says. Pope studied with and worked as studio manager to the artist Nick Cave, whom she considers a major influence on her practice.

American , b. 1980, based in Chicago, IL, United States