cheyco leidmann, ‘EP 87, Fort Lauderdale’, 1988, Hep Galerie
cheyco leidmann, ‘EP 87, Fort Lauderdale’, 1988, Hep Galerie

During the 80s Cheyco Leidmann’s images established a new visual style. Back then the hyper-real colours of his American landscapes, neon signs, swimming pools, secluded beaches and more, sparked the imagination of many art, music and photography fans. At the time Leidmann worked mainly on fashion and beauty editorials and advertising campaigns, publishing his works in books such as the cult classic Foxy Lady. In more recent years, the photographer carried out a sort of social analysis through explicit and disturbing images that show the “toxicity” of modern life.

In his works, Leidmann does not hesitate to represent characters in marginal state such as drug addicts, homeless, criminals, prostitutes, transsexuals…. His images are sometimes portrayals of difficult situations which are sometimes intolerable to look at as they are field with a feeling of cruelty of life.

Hypersensitive, he sees art like an emotion. He always finds behind the brutality of his images a form of beauty.

This magnificent photography, which is a unique work of art in cibachrome is of extraordinary quality and with very vivid colours and brings our imagination back to the 80’s.

Signature: This art work comes with the certificate from the artist.