Chia Hearn Chek, ‘Lunar’, 2014, Art Agenda, S.E.A.

Exhibited in 2014 at Shenns Softart gallery in Singapore, this work is part of a larger group titled “36 Views of Morocco”. Breaking away totally from realism, the aim of the artist is to explore new grounds and to reinterpret subjects, following the lead of Paul Klee and Piet Mondrian’s aesthetics.
After close examination of our painting, several imageries suggesting buildings, a minaret, mountains in the background and the moon, appears in different planes of colours.

Image rights: © Art Agenda, S.E.A., 2016

Singapore, Shenn’s Softart, Chia Hearn Chek 36 Views, 18 – 31 October 2014.

Chia Hearn Chek. Chia Hearn Chek 36 Views. Singapore: Shenn’s Fine Art & Khoo S. H., 1993, unpaginated

About Chia Hearn Chek

Singaporean, b. 1931, Singapore, based in Singapore