Chia Hearn Chek, ‘Narcissis’, 2014, Art Agenda, S.E.A.

This painting was initially inspired by the artist’s travels to Santorini, a picturesque seaside town in Greece surrounded by lofty mountains.
About this work the artist said : “In my new work Narcissis, I believe I had reached another level of my art. In the midst of working on this painting, I was already thinking of the next three steps in my overall art development. I discovered the soft colours – the focus of my work – during the painting process through the spectrum of light in the reflections.”

Image rights: © Art Agenda, S.E.A., 2016

Singapore, Shenn’s Softart, Chia Hearn Chek 36 Views, 18 – 31 October 2014.

Chia Hearn Chek. Chia Hearn Chek 36 Views. Singapore: Shenn’s Fine Art & Khoo S. H., 1993, unpaginated

About Chia Hearn Chek

Singaporean, b. 1931, Singapore, based in Singapore