Chloe Piene, ‘Big Hands’, 2006, Lower East Side Printshop

About Chloe Piene

Chloe Piene’s macabre charcoal drawings of dismembered, emaciated, and erotic female nudes are sketched on vellum and marked by shaky contours. The scenes are ambiguous—often the viewer cannot determine if the lying figure is dead or masturbating. Many of Piene’s images are self-portraits; she renders herself as aware of the viewer’s presence, yet she refuses to give the outsider power over her. For Piene, the act of drawing parallels the act of masturbation in that both are intensely personal actions and physical experiences. The artist also works with film and sculpture, which she edits and molds to create rough, sketchy visual effects. Piene’s work is both delicate and violent, and is grounded in withheld, or absent, visual information and the visceral beauty of her forms.

American, b. 1972, Stamford, Connecticut