Choi Byung Hoon, ‘afterimage 015-434’, 2015, Friedman Benda

About Choi Byung Hoon

Considered to be the father of contemporary Korean design, Choi Byung Hoon has revolutionized his field by creating groundbreaking furniture highlighting the raw beauty of nature. Preferring to work with “uninterrupted” natural forms with “minimal manipulation,” he combines organic materials like wood and stone in seemingly simple ways, blending tradition with a modern sensibility. Choi has found inspiration in cultures around the world, from the Maya and Inca of the Americas to the arts of Africa and India, as well as in modern designers like Alvar Aalto and Isamu Noguchi, combining these influences to create a style all his own: one of balanced forms that celebrate the tension between lightness and strength.

South Korean, b. 1952, Kangwon Do., Korea, based in Seoul, Korea