Chris Burden, ‘L.A.P.D. Uniforms. Installation view, “Chris Burden: Extreme Measures” at New Museum, New York, 2013’, 1993, New Museum

Marion Boulton Stroud, Philadelphia, and Chris Burden in collaboration with the Fabric Workshop and Museum, Philadelphia

About Chris Burden

Los Angeles–based conceptual artist Chris Burden is well-known for his performance art pieces of the 1970s, including Shoot (1971), a response to the Vietnam War in which he had a friend shoot him in the arm with a .22-caliber rifle. In other works of self-peril, the artist was electrocuted, kidnapped, nailed, drowned, or lay immobile under a sheet of glass. Influenced by Marcel Duchamp and Dadaism and his interest in science and engineering, Burden has also created installations, models, toys, and kinetic and static sculptures, such as a rubber-band-powered model plane launched within a Concorde in flight.

American, 1946-2015, Boston, Massachusetts, based in California