Chris Cran, ‘Pale Orange Woman’, 2014, John Wolf Art Advisory & Brokerage

About Chris Cran

Chris Cran is known best for his tongue-in-cheek, trompe l’oeil compositions, in which the appearance of an image often belies the method of its creation. Works that appear to be photographs, reliefs, or prints from a distance, for instance, will have been rendered with paint. “It’s about a sense of play,” Cran says. In addition to playing with optical effects, Cran also combines and spoofs art historical references, classical and modern conventions in painting, and mass-media imagery. He makes frequent reference to his biggest influences—Pop Art, photorealism, abstraction, and Op Art—and borrows images from cartoons, advertising, and pulp magazines. More recently, Cran has begun incorporating photography and collage into his practice.

Canadian, b. 1949, Ocean Falls, British Columbia, Canada, based in Calgary, Canada