Chris Doyle, ‘Bright Canyon’, 2014, Ronald Feldman Gallery

About Chris Doyle

Chris Doyle is a multidisciplinary artist whose projects encompass watercolor, performance, animation, projection, installation, and public art. Many of his works deal with themes of global technology and its relationship to waste and destruction. Doyle, who received his graduate degree in architecture, arrived at his current practice in 2009, when he “was thinking about landscape in general—the landscape of trash.” In his animations and films, spaces and images morph into others sometimes along narrative progressions; the grim subjects and themes of Doyle’s work are wrapped in deceptively bright colors and the joviality of a cartoon-like appearance. Among his best-known works is a series of multi-sensory works inspired by Thomas Cole’s The Course of the Empire, which traces the rise and fall of a civilization.

American, b. 1959, Pennsylvania, based in Brooklyn, New York