Chris Gustin, ‘Abstract Vase in Verdigris’, 1986, Hieronymus

Signature: Signed

About Chris Gustin

Ceramic artist Chris Gustin creates sensual, curvaceous objects that speak to the human figure as well as the artist’s hand. Whether in the form of functional items or more sculptural vessels, Gustin’s works explore the possibilities of abstraction in clay—highlighting the tensions between volume and surface, pigment and natural clay—finished with a layer of glaze. “I want my work to provoke image to the viewer, to suggest something that is just on the other side of consciousness,” Gustin has said. “I don't want my pots to conjure up a singular recollection, but ones that change with each glance, with each change of light.”

American, b. 1952, Chicago, Illinois, based in South Dartmouth, Massachusetts