Chris Hood, ‘Droll’, 2017, The Kitchen

Courtesy of the Artist and Lyles & King.

The title of Chris Hood's painting, Droll, is an apt metaphor for his practice that takes both a comedic and conceptual approach. This work is filled with abstract washes of color and line, which Hood builds by letting his pigments soak through the back of the canvas. Their bleed is layered onto a depiction of two cherries holding hands—an amusing, yet odd appearance that's typical of Hood's practice that foregrounds isolated fragments of cartoons or emojis as unexpected protagonists. –Courtesy of The Kitchen


Chris Hood works primarily in oil paint, initially working on the back of the canvas and letting the oils soak through, to create paintings that harness the material properties of paint and draw from a variety of visual sources including the work of Van Gogh, clip art and mascot imagery. Hood has had solo exhibitions at MIER Gallery, Los Angeles, CA; Galerie Bernard Ceysson, Paris, France; and Lyles & King, New York, NY.

Signature: Verso

Image rights: Courtesy of the Kitchen and the Artist.

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