Chris Johanson, ‘He Likes To Watch Because, You Know, It Really Is A Fascinating City (Los Angeles Landscape Painting no.3)’, 2014, Galleri Nicolai Wallner

About Chris Johanson

Chris Johanson’s wildly colorful artistic productions are musings on phenomena in contemporary life—including the psychological perils of consumerism, cult spirituality, and self-help. Johanson’s career stems from his early activities in the Northern California punk scene, in which he produced ephemera, posters, and zines. Johanson’s oeuvre now includes paintings, drawings, installation, and sculpture. His early style was characterized by its raw humor, cartoon-like aesthetic, and incorporation of reclaimed materials, like wood and paper from dumpsters and construction sites. In later works, Johanson has used more simplified forms, abstract forms and conceptual themes.

American, b. 1968, San Jose, California, based in Los Angeles, California

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