Chris Rucker, ‘Saw Horse Chair, USA’, 2016, Todd Merrill Studio

Todd Merrill Studio represents the unique seating by Chris Rucker, innovatively made from recycled construction materials. Challenging an everyday transient object , the Saw Horse Chair is made of OSB plywood. This unique piece is the first prototype for what became the main work of the 2016 Made in Cloister exhibition in Naples, Italy, where Rucker was the first American artist commissioned to create an installation. Its sleek and minimalist design simultaneously accentuates and then disrupts its materials’ original purposes. Reestablishing the durable and disposable into the delicate and permanent, the artist turns form and function inside out. Made from objects that seldom enter a gallery space except when they are transporting a work of art, the one-of-a-kind chairs enter a dynamic relationship with any art curated near them–pieces that require Rucker’s materials for protection, but instead share with them an exhibition stage or designed interior space. As the artist works on a commission basis, custom dimensionality can be accommodated for a bespoke piece of furniture. Rucker’s work resides in the collections of Steven Klein, Dennis Freedman, Neville Wakefield, Camilla Nickerson, and Madonna, amongst others.

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