Chris Schanck, ‘Alufoil chair’, 2014, Johnson Trading Gallery

Best known for his “ALUfoil” series, from which this chair stems, Chris Schanck collects detritus from his neighborhood in Detroit, laminates it in aluminum foil, and covers it in metallic resin. The resulting furniture pieces appear both futuristic and scraggy. “There is anxiety in my work that’s not specific to one place,” he says, “but in Detroit it’s on your front door.”

About Chris Schanck

Furniture designer Chris Schanck is interested in materials and design processes that are not traditionally associated with luxury, mass-production, and standards of perfection. “If we accept the idea that [an object] doesn’t have to be reproducible and doesn’t have to mimic a commercial form, or process, then what are the limits of that?” Schanck asks. Among his best-known pieces are those that comprise his “ALUfoil” series, in which industrial or discarded materials are covered in aluminum foil, painted, and then sealed with resin. The final pieces are both durable and light. His methods characteristically involve both marginalized techniques as well as the help of marginalized members of his Detroit community. Schanck has a background in commercial model-making, and has produced commissioned works for Tom Ford.

American, b. 1975, based in Detroit, MI, United States