Chris Succo, ‘The Rest of the Stuff You Leave On’, 2014, Roseberys

Usually recognized for his layered white paintings made from spray paint and lacquer, Succo has digitally altered his paintings for this print on canvas. The Rest of the Stuff you Leave On was created by extracting colour from source photography and remixing high resolution images of his paintings with gestural marks from the touch of an iPad. Each piece is titled after phrases from Boat People, a novella by Bill Powers, and the bright edges of each canvas contain a repeated, angular line - the artist's digitized signature.Provenance: Accompanied by certificate of authenticity signed and numbered by the artist. Unframed. In good original condition as issued.

This lost is sold subject to Artist Resale Rights (see Terms and Conditions)

Signature: Signed and numbered 11/35 in black pen on adhesive tape on the reverse, signed, numbered and dated on accompanying certificate of authenticity, published by Exhibition A, Germany

About Chris Succo

Chris Succo’s crisp, cool abstraction is so wide-ranging that, as author Christopher Schreck has noted, a single exhibition could look like a group show. Yet whether the German artist is working in lacquered aluminum and oil on canvas or creating sculpture with steel piping, mesh, or boxing equipment, his work shares certain commonalities: a quest to find individuality within the repetition of forms and techniques, elements of appropriation (including the titles of his series), and a minimalist palette largely comprised of matte black and white. Some of the brighter works in his oeuvre, the “Flag Pieces” consist of three diagonal bands of color and texture created by applying lacquer to black-and-white photographs. In these, Succo divides the canvas in a style reminiscent of Hard-Edged painting, as well as Succo’s own “Nu Era” series of black-and-white lacquered aluminum works.

German, b. 1979, Dusseldorf, Germany, based in Dusseldorf and London