Chris Wiley, ‘Dingbat (34)’, 2015, Nicelle Beauchene Gallery

About Chris Wiley

Writer, critic, and photographer Chris Wiley focuses on the inherent conundrum of photography in his work—that is, its simultaneous function and inevitable fallibility as a medium of truth and documentation. In his words, written in relation to his “Technical Compositions” series and applicable to all of his work: “It meant, first and foremost, jettisoning the…model of the photographic frame as a window onto the world, and replacing it with the model of the box, in which the world is arranged. The photograph then becomes a composition, rather than a view.” His photographs—of details of walls, stairwells, fences, stacked tires, and other urban views—appear as abstract, surreal, or painterly compositions. Wiley achieves this effect through his tight, precise framing of subjects, transforming the real-world sights before him into assemblages of color, texture, line, and shape.

British, b. 1981, based in New York, New York

Group Shows

Los Angeles,
Concrete Island