Chris Young, ‘Green Butterfly’, CODA Gallery

Chris Young's highly detailed, impeccably crafted paintings create a calm, meditative feeling based on order and subtlety. His ‘ultra-realistic’ paintings are actually abstractions created with an exquisite combination of light, detail and color which compel the viewer to look at the artist’s paintings again and again to consider the beauty of simple objects.

The artist says the following concerning the major influences on his work: "On a trip through Europe a few years ago, I became enamored with the Spanish tradition of "Bodegon" or still-life painting. Specifically, Cotan and Zurbaran impressed me with their elegantly ordered compositions and the way they painted ordinary objects in a mystical, transcendental manner. Having lived in Japan for two years, another influence on my work is the notion of "shibusa" or the beauty of simplicity. I also admire the Japanese sensitivity towards nature and the realization that beauty and harmony exists out our back door - if we look."

The artist further explains, “I don’t believe the artist creates beauty, but finds it and presents it. The best of these efforts are affirming and connecting. In my own work, I attempt to capture the slivers of transcendence in the world around me – that moment of truth and beauty when all seems to be made clearer in a wordless revelation.”

A trip to Young’s studio reveals a treasure trove of natural objects including bird’s nests, exotic shells, dried flowers and other objects which the artist arranges for drawings, watercolors and oil paintings. Young reflects about this work: “I am captivated by nature’s grand design. As we take time to carefully look at seemingly ordinary natural objects, an incredible beauty and harmony is revealed.”

Chris Young was born January 30, 1963. He graduated from Brigham Young University in 1986. He received a BFA degree in Fine Arts and was honored as Summa cum Laude. Chris Young resides in Utah with his wife and four children.

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