Christa Dichgans, ‘King's Beer’, 1968, Daniel Blau

Image rights: © Christa Dichgans Courtesy: Daniel Blau Munich

Christa Dichgans. Spielzeugbilder 1967-1977. New York - Florenz - Berlin, ed. by Galerie Daniel Blau, München 2010, no. 14
Power Up. Female Popo Art, Nov. 5 2010 - Feb. 20, 2011, Kunsthalle Wien
Christa Dichgans. Galerie Daniel Blau, München. October 2 - November 1, 2014.

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About Christa Dichgans

Christa Dichgans searches for the unfamiliar and surreal hidden within everyday life. As such, her paintings reflect the shifting themes and motifs that have occupied her personal life at various times: toys appeared in paintings from the early ’60s after the birth of her son, encounters with New York Pop artists later that decade led to traces of Pop in her own art, and a stint at a Florentine villa in the 1970s inspired the inclusion of local influences, from food to Classical sculpture. In the 1980s Dichgans took up traveling “in a purposeful way” and began incorporating motifs from Peruvian, Indian, Nepalese, and African cultures. She became known for painting maps of these places, filling them with imagery representing the early civilizations that lived there.

German, b. 1940, Berlin, Germany, based in Berlin, Germany

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