Christian Develter, ‘Butterfly Da Ma Wine Chin’, 2014, Artist's Proof

Develter’s latest series chooses for its subject the women of the Chin tribe in Myanmar, focusing on their elaborately tattooed faces. Originally, the tattooing began as a way of marking the women to deter other tribes from kidnapping and marrying the Chin women. Over time, however, they have become more than marker, but instead symbols and beauty and status that reflect the animist beliefs of the tribe. As the borders of Myanmar are increasingly opened, these tattoos have become sparse. Develter takes on the role of anthropologist, recording a tradition as it approaches extinction. His talent lies in finding beauty in the documentation of a phenomenon that conveys meaning and culture through aesthetic expression.

Series: Chin

About Christian Develter

Belgian, b. 1968, Blankenberge, Belgium, based in Bangkok, Thailand