Christian Marclay, ‘Skssh Clang Whssh’, 2011, Sims Reed Gallery

Marclay, a video artist, collagist, composer, and DJ, is one of the most influential artists working today. His video work The Clock won the 2011 Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale and has been shown in 16 different museums worldwide.

Printed on Revere Silk Polar White Paper byGraphicstudio, Florida.
Published by Graphicstudio with their wet stamp, verso.

Signature: Signed in pencil verso and numbered.

Publisher: Graphicstudio with their wet stamp, verso

About Christian Marclay

Christian Marclay transforms sounds and music into visible, physical form through a prolific range of performances, collages, sculptures, installations, photographs, and videos. “I’ve always been interested in how sound is visualized,” he explains. Marclay began exploring sound in 1979, in performances in which he would manipulate turntables, playing them as if they were traditional instruments. More recently, he has explored his interest in a related abstract concept—time—by compiling clips from an enormous range of films into a 24-hour, single-channel video titled The Clock (2010). Part working timepiece (it runs in sync with the local time zone), part aural and visual montage (the work includes snatches of dialogue about time and sounds and images of every kind of clock imaginable), the film is a meditation both on time and the depiction of it.

Swiss-American, b. 1955, San Rafael, California, based in New York, New York