Christian Wassmann, ‘"Dodecahedron" chandelier and optical instrument’, 2014, Watermill Center Summer Benefit Auction 2016

Dimensions: 10 in (Diameter); Height variable.

Image rights: Courtesy of the artist and R & Company

About Christian Wassmann

Architect and designer Christian Wassmann began his career at a young age in Switzerland. Interested in the intersection between the arts and architecture, his currently New York-based practice (housed in his Studio Christian Wassmann) focuses on the interconnections between art forms. The firm’s ideology is guided by the design principle “form performs function,” rather than the modernist mantra “form follows function.” Influenced greatly by urban life and geometry, Wassman’s designs for site-specific installations, furniture, interiors, and buildings capture the dynamism of his defining mantra. His recent exploration of geometric forms focused on platonic solids, creating five objects (light, table, chair, vase, cushion) that demonstrate how these forms can provide people with the basic everyday needs.

Swiss, based in New York, New York