Christine Sun Kim, ‘Unwind I’, 2014, Carroll / Fletcher

Quotation marks signify concepts rather than direct or literal translation to English, as ASL has its own syntax and grammar, and some terms are untranslatable. There is a nice sign for 'unwind' that comes with both hands that float / slide down from your head height to stomach level. There are codes to show how to sign 'unwind' in ASL: RH = right hand, LH = right hand CL classifier (aka handshake). 'Double whole rest' is a musical term for an extended silence instead of a regular 'rest'

About Christine Sun Kim

Sound artist Christine Sun Kim makes kinetic installations that combine performance with scores of harmonies, cacophonies, and vibrations. Kim was born deaf and has made it her project to explore the physicality of sound. “I constantly questioned the ownership of sound, now I’m reclaiming sound as my property,” Kim has said. The artist also makes paintings and drawings from her experiments with field recordings and breathing. For her “Seismic Calligraphy” works, she places canvases with ink-laden brushes on top of subwoofers. As sound is piped through the speakers, the brushes move and mark the canvas. The “Scores and Transcripts” series visualizes sound with poem-like compositions of words and syncopated lines on paper.

American, b. 1980, Orange County, California, based in New York, New York