Christo, ‘Wrapped Statues, the Glyptothek, Munich’, 1988, Zane Bennett Contemporary Art

"We are probably the only artists in the world who have a 2,000-page book on a work of art that doesn't exist," said Christo (b. 1935) of collaborating with his late partner Jeanne-Claude. A remarkable thing about the world-famous duo is that many of their fantastical ideas have become realities. Their monumental projects, such as The Gates in Central Park and Wrapped Reichstag, forever changed the world's view of iconic locales.
With every large scale installation piece Christo and Jeanne-Claude create, they release a lithograph print to commemorate the event. The lithographs read as blue prints for the larger, wrapped objects or environmental installations. They print the object on museum board then “wrap” the printed object in the same material that they used on the installation piece.
The print, Wrapped Statues, the Glyptothek, Munich, commemorates one such installation. Created in 1988 the piece was commissioned by the Olympic Committee in commemoration of the 1988 summer games in Seoul Korea. Christo and Jean Claude wrapped the famous collection of Grecian statues collectively known as temple figures from Aegina. These incredible works of antiquity were removed from the Temple of Aegina and are now part of the permanent collection of the Glyptothek Museum in Munich Germany. The Temple of Aegina which was solely dedicated to the worship of Aphaea, the goddess of races and the hunt.
It is at the Glyptothekthat Museum the artists beautifully wrapped the ancient Grecian statues in their signature style. The wrapping is depicted in the largest image on the print. The statues themselves are depicted in the image on the lower left and the Temple of Aegina is shown on the lower right. The handwritten message in Christo’s script says “Wrapped Statues/ project for Die Glyptothek, Munich W. Germany/ Aegina Temple”.
The connection that the artists made to the temple, Aphaea-the goddess of the race, and the Olympic Games is intelligent and wonderfully done. The print encapsulates that association between the very source of the Olympic Games and the 1988 Seoul Games is brilliantly. Wrapped Statues, the Glyptothek, Munich is from a limited edition of 300 prints and is signed by the artist. The measurements of the piece are 35 x 27 inches.

Publisher: Landfall Press, Chicago

About Christo

Christo is best known for monumental collaborations with his late partner Jeanne-Claude. The duo’s projects, such as The Gates in Central Park and Wrapped Reichstag intervened in public spaces in order to draw attention to them. “We borrow space and create gentle disturbances for a few days,” Christo once said. “We inherit everything that is inherent in the space to become part of the work of art. All our projects are like fabulous expeditions.” Since Jeanne-Claude’s passing, Christo has worked to complete unrealized projects such as Over The River, a miles-long stretch of fabric that would function as a canopy over the Arkansas River. In gallery spaces, Christo presents schematic drawings of the duo’s work, which exhibit the artist’s technical mastery and undergird their massive installations, connecting the big ideas to their inception as free-floating thoughts.

American-Bulgarian, b. 1935, Gabrovno, Bulgaria, based in New York, NY, United States