Christophe Avella-Bagur, ‘Face FS182 New Apostles Series – Jacomo’, 2016, Galerie Richard

This painting is inspired by the series of Apostolados by El Greco of twelve paintings permanently exhibited in the Museo de El Greco in Toledo.

Series: Face FS - New Apostles Series

Signature: On the back of the canvas

Image rights: Galerie Richard

Calm Chaos, Galerie Richard, Paris, October 2016

Calm Chaos is a new artist book of Christophe AVELLA-BAGUR, with 54 pages including 25 of new paintings (oil on canvas) between 2014 to 2016 : "Face FS New Apostles" and "Face FS Golgoth'Art".
Text by the artist Ben Carstens. This painting is reproduced on page 25.

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