Christopher Adams, ‘Untitled’, 2015, Garvey | Simon

Christopher Adams unites a scientist's expertise in evolutionary biology with an artist's experimental approach to ceramic sculpting. Adams studied evolutionary biology at Harvard, trained as a medical doctor at Columbia, and today works as a dermatologist. Yet for most of his life he has also created art in glazed ceramic.

In his untitled works, Adams combines his scientific and artistic talents to create a conceptual kingdom of fantastic organisms, all derived from a single multi-tendroned form, and evolving over time, utilizing ideas from biology, into a pageant of glazed forms.

Each of the sculptures is meant to be mounted on a wall or to rest on a tabletop. A partly unfinished surface, also the resting surface during kiln baking, bears the artist's initials and goes against the wall. Installation is accomplished by hanging the sculpture from a small nail or bank pin.

Signature: On reverse at center, CA 15

Image rights: Copyright 2016 Christopher Adams All rights reserved

Manufacturer: the artist

2015 Christopher Adams: Primordial Garden, Garvey|Simon, New York, NY

Artist to Garvey|Simon, New York, NY

About Christopher Adams

American, b. 1972, Medford, MA, United States, based in Boston, MA, United States

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