Christopher Russell, ‘Explosion (Aperture Edition)’, Aperture Foundation

About Christopher Russell

Writer and artist Christopher Russell produces haunting mixed-media works and installations that conjure memories and suppressed narratives, pointing to the many layers that constitute the human psyche. Typically beginning by capturing photographs of ruined and abandoned spaces, or wild landscapes, Russell then manipulates them digitally before scratching patterns and images into their surfaces with a razor, or applying spray paint. “I photograph the physical margins of the social pact,” he has said, “the edges of town, spaces that have been … abandoned.” Russell’s images have incorporated fractured glass, materials such as fabric, glitter, and dirt, and renderings of ghostly shipwrecks. Other works include a series of black-and-white photographs that depict gay men cruising San Francisco’s Buena Vista Park.

American, b. 1974, Sacramento, CA, United States, based in Portland, Oregon