Christopher Schulz, ‘Gatray’, 2016, Oliver Cole Gallery

Christopher Schulz
Stainless Steel


Schulz was born in 1975 and currently resides in CA. He is a Los Angeles artist whose work is stainless steel and combines objects of fear to bring them into reality. He combines sharks and guns, two things humans fear the most and makes them eternal and into reality through the use of them as subject matter. A contemporary street artist, Schulz uses fear as a concept throughout his shark gun series sculptures.

Christopher Schulz works in multiple mediums to create his sculpture and 2D wall pieces. Although different disciplines, a common soul is shared in striving to invite emotion, delivering intent and enabling sensory exploration. The vast body of work reflects elements of the artist's surroundings both past and present, many times depicting familiar iconography to evoke a visual response that brings the viewer into a personal relationship within any given work. Well versed in the traditions of figurative and contemporary sculpture and painting, Schulz consistently pushes open new doors in conceptual ideas and processes by utilizing many cutting edge tools and technologies in the production of his original works. Thriving in a state of constant evolution, Schulz maintains significant work of art should never lose its aesthetic value; with aspiration to embody a gem-like quality throughout its existence, much like a modern artifact. The artists work has been exhibited on a national and international forum for over 10 years and resides in private and commercial collections world wide. With works being acquired by entertainment and technology moguls as well as Art Museum Directors, he has also been commissioned to create original works for such companies as HBA design group, BP Oil, Transocean and Isuzu. His work can be seen in public settings from Houston TX to Tiachung Taiwan.

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