Christy Gast, ‘Study #2 for an Endless Love’, 2013, Nina Johnson

About Christy Gast

Motivated by what she describes as “a deep and burning need to get out of town and look at the outskirts, the underskirts, and the infrastructure,” sculptor and video and performance artist Christy Gast explores the American landscape in her work. Underpinned by her extensive research into the history, use, and interpretations of the sites upon which she focuses, and infused with her dry wit and facility with wordplay, Gast’s work simultaneously recognizes, fetishizes, and challenges the (often masculine) narratives that have been overlaid onto lakes, mountains, and open plains. By inserting herself into these landscapes—she has tap danced around Lake Okeechobee in Florida and cracked a whip while shrieking loudly beneath Potato Salad Hill in Utah—Gast actively engages with their traditional associations, while suggesting alternative readings shaped by queer, feminine, and multicultural perspectives.

American, based in Miami, Florida