Chun Kwang Young, ‘Aggregation 10 #2’, 2012, Mixografia

Publisher: Mixografía®

About Chun Kwang Young

Known for his sculptural aggregations—both freestanding pieces and wall-hung low reliefs—Seoul-based artist Kwang Young Chun assembles his forms from a myriad of small shapes wrapped in mulberry paper. Employing a traditional Korean technique, Chun’s use of mulberry paper is inspired by childhood nostalgia; the paper-covered shapes are reminiscent of the clustered bundles of herbal medicines that hung in his family’s pharmacy. Chun is best known for the paper sculptures and textured surfaces he has built of styrofoam triangles wrapped in this paper—each shape is individually dyed, and his colors are sourced from natural extracts, like yellow earth and black tea. With a trompe l’oeil quality, Chun’s sculptures create the illusion of depth and coalescence and, ultimately, represent the harmony and conflict in the unity of many.

Korean, b. 1944

Exhibition Highlights On Artsy

Touch of Korea, Kalman Maklary Fine Arts, Budapest
Aggregation, Pearl Lam Galleries, Singapore
Kwang Young Chun: Mulberry Mindscapes, Beck & Eggeling, Düsseldorf