Cinthia Marcelle, ‘Just in Case #3’, 2009, SPROVIERI

About Cinthia Marcelle

Cinthia Marcelle’s performances and interventions transform the mundane and ordinary into poetic meditations. The 2010 recipient of the Future Generation Art Prize, Marcelle captures her performances in film, video, and installation, often employing a strategy of repetition to educe larger social themes. Her 2010 film Fonte 193, for example, displays a fire truck endlessly driving in circles, pouring water into the center of a circle that the tires have inscribed in the barren red landscape. As the film continues onward ad nauseam, the futility of the gesture becomes apparent, and the Brazilian artist’s attention to themes of emergency and crisis come into sharp focus.

Brazilian, b. 1974, Belo Horizonte, Brazil, based in Belo Horizonte, Brazil