Claire Beaumont & Caroline McAuliffe, ‘Kangaroo Skirt - Nkineji Primary Edition’, 2014, Children's Museum of the Arts Auction 2014

Estimated retail value: $500

This collaboration between Caroline McAuliffe and Claire Beaumont, teaching artists at the Children’s Museum of Art, features drawings by McAuliffe’s students from the Nkineji Primary School in Kenya as a result of the Maywood Rotary Kenya Project, which grants three scholarships to eighth graders each year.

The Kangaroo Skirt is constructed from one continuous piece of linen. No cuts are made and no waste is created in its fabrication. Darts are designed to be let out or taken in based on the size of the body it rests on. 4 deep pockets and 4 shallow interior pockets. One size fits most.

Last July, Caroline McAuliffe traveled to the Maasai Mara in Kenya on a service trip with the Maywood, New Jersey Rotary. There, she and 14 other volunteers spent a week at the Nkineji Primary School building a new kitchen to feed over 400 students, providing a health clinic, art classes, soccer, and fun. Caroline spent a week in the classroom creating collaborative stick sculptures and community drawings with students ages 3-16. She brought many of these drawings home with her and is now working to raise money to support scholarships for the students at the school. The design on the skirt on view is one of many of these drawings.