Clara Berta, ‘Pacific Love II’, 2014, Artspace Warehouse

Clara Berta is a passionate, award winning mixed media abstract artist of Hungarian heritage. Celebrated for “capturing the vulnerability in all of us,” the complex, emotional connection admirers declare they encounter in Berta’s creations is precisely what the mixed media artist says she is trying to achieve with her art. More than a dozen exhibitions around the country have featured Berta’s work. Disney selected her art for use in its film You Again. When Berta isn’t exhibiting she is introducing art as therapy to others. “Life is what we make it. Beauty can be found in most everything. You can create from nothing and then make something out of it. That’s what makes it beautiful.”

About Clara Berta

Hungarian-American, Romania, based in Los Angeles, California

Group Shows on Artsy

Imaginary Rooms, Artspace Warehouse, Los Angeles
Decoding the Memories, Artspace Warehouse, Los Angeles