Clare Grill, ‘Hedge’, 2014, FRED.GIAMPIETRO Gallery

About Clare Grill

In paintings ranging from entirely abstract to loosely representational, Clare Grill draws on a range of references—from her memories and emotions, the surrounding world, and even to medium of painting itself—to create richly layered compositions. As she describes: “My paintings come from a reverence for and curiosity about what’s past—mine and everyone’s. I like to uncover what’s below the surface, figuratively and literally, even if it’s complicated or sad.” Though she always begins with a source image, drawn from memory or from direct observation, her compositions are shaped by the size and texture of the canvas, the color and materiality of the paint, and the marks that develop from a continual process of sanding down and building up areas of color. For Grill, each painting has its own internal logic, and the act of painting itself is a process of discovery.

American, b. 1979, Chicago, Illinois, based in Queens, New York