Clark Goolsby, ‘Monochrome Variation II (Peach & Blue)’, 2016, FMLY

Signature: On Verso

Image rights: FMLY

Art On Paper 2016

About Clark Goolsby

According to Clark Goolsby, his abstract paintings spring from an “[interest] in how we maintain optimism in a world that is so full of potentially life-ending situations.” Goolsby’s imagery often references mortality, the passage of time, and mutable perceptions of space; skulls, body parts, and skeletons are recurring motifs in some of his abstract compositions. His style is characterized by experiments with hard-edge geometry and surrealism, and is also influenced by classical art history and graffiti. In the late 2000s, Goolsby started incorporating different materials into his acrylic on paper works, including collage elements, pen, pencil, spray paint, and markers. More recently, he has created multimedia sculptural installations with string.

American, b. 1980, Santa Rosa, California, based in Brooklyn, New York