Clark Mclean Graham, ‘TOTEM I’, 2014, GRIN

Collaboration with Matthew King

Working collaboratively, King and Graham construct works that are rooted in a visual language comprised of photogenic and aesthetic myths. Personal scared narratives, and distorted accounts of historic
events act as catalysts for the creation of sculptural time based work that serves to question our perception of physical and cultural existence. The totem series marks the first physical collaboration between the two artists.

About Clark Mclean Graham

Artist and filmmaker Clark Mclean Graham works primarily as a collagist, fabricating physical and digital montages in an attempt to create modern day relics with nods to American pop culture and consumerism. Mclean Graham’s visceral photo-collages on handmade paper also inform his sculptural and video work. He attempts to create “fixtures in the context of memory” out of objects such as plastic toys by coating them in preserving wax, and he employs film as a medium to best represent “a direct recreation of memory and thought.”


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