Claude Boucher, ‘Four views of the châteaux of Rambouillet, Anet and Sceaux inset in a pair of frames with tinted and gilded plaster bas-reliefs of trophies symbolizing music and painting’, Christie's Old Masters

Little is known of Claude Boucher, 'Peintre du Roy en mignature, aux Gobelins', and engraver who died on 4 June 1756.

It is fitting that the three castles represented, Rambouillet shown twice, Anet and Sceaux, were all possessions of the Bourbon family, as the first owner of these miniatures was Louise-Henriette de Bourbon (1726-1759), Duchesse d'Orléans. She allegedly presented them to Louis-Claude Dupin de Francueil (1715-1786), a fermier-général, famous for his liaisons, most notably with Madame d'Epinay and Mademoiselle de Verrières.

Signature: with inscriptions on old labels on the back of the frame 'peint par Boucher/ 1740' and 'Massaut/graveur en bois de Liege/ de Mgr Le Dauphin/ rue des Poulies ancien/ hotel Conty près le/ Louvre.'

Given by Louise-Henriette de Bourbon, duchesse d'Orléans to Charles-Louis Dupin de Francueil (according to a label on the back of the frame: 'Donné à Mr. Dupin de franceuil par J.B.R./ Mad. la Duchesse d'Orléans née/ princesse de Conty qui avait beaucoup/ de bontés pour lui. elle mourut/ en 1759').

Elizabeth Parke Firestone; Christie's, New York, 22-3 March 1991, lot 616.

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