Claudia Comte, ‘Pietro (Italian Bunny 6), wooden model’, 2016, Public Art Fund 2017 Spring Benefit

Swiss sculptor Claudia Comte creates alternative universes populated with irreverent, tactile, curvilinear abstractions. The influence of both Brancusi and Lewis Caroll is evident in the smoothly polished acacia wood of Pietro (Italian Bunny 6) from 2016. The shape of the sculpture references the language of modernist abstraction, while also reading as a cartoon-like figure. Comte’s work has been displayed internationally at Art Basel, FRIEZE London, and at the Centre Pompidou in Paris. Her marble “Italian Bunnies” were included in Public Art Fund’s 2016 The Language of Things exhibition at City Hall Park.
—Courtesy of Public Art Fund

About Claudia Comte

Claudia Comte is best known for her site-specific installations, featuring wooden sculptural forms set against graphic, abstract wall paintings. Comte creates a unique, rule-based measurement system for each new body of work so that every piece relates to a particular scale. Despite such regimented schemes, Comte’s pieces are imbued with a sense of playfulness, humor and irreverence, puncturing the solemn atmosphere connected with minimalism.

Swiss, b. 1983, Grancy, Switzerland, based in Berlin, Germany