Claudia Hart, ‘Empire’, 2010, bitforms gallery
Claudia Hart, ‘Empire’, 2010, bitforms gallery

Empire features a four-screen continuous surround animation of a virtual monument running the "course of empire." It is inspired by the 1836 paintings of Hudson River School artist Thomas Cole's series. Empire slowly decays and molds as it transits from sunrise to sunset. This piece uses a cenotaph drawn by Étienne-Louis Boullée the 18th- century French visionary architect as its source. It slowly decays and morphs from pink to blue, from sunrise to sunset. Camera motion is a slow zoom, direction z. Dimensions variable.

About Claudia Hart

Claudia Hart’s works juxtapose the futuristic and the classical, combining 3-D animation software with such canonical images as the nude female form and still lifes of apples. Hart presents themes of death and the inevitable ravages of time, offset by a vision of an alternate technological universe in which plastic bodies elude decay. Though patently artificial, the figures in Hart’s film installations emote in a recognizably human way as they are put through often agonizing processes involving containment and atrophy. For the series “PhotoMortifications” (2007-2009), Hart superimposed 3-D images of decomposing statues on to photographs of large modern public interiors. In a similar interplay between artifice and authenticity, “The Real and the Fake” (2011) features photographed edibles of questionable nutritional value with computer-generated images of flawless apples, inspired by the decline in the quality of food.

American, b. 1955, New York, New York, based in Chicago & New York

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