Clinton Bopp, ‘L.A. River’, 2015, Street Art for ACLU: Benefit Auction 2017

Work ships from Los Angeles.

Born in New Zealand to a New Zealand mother and American father, Clinton Bopp arrived in Los Angeles in 1998. Bopp defines himself as a painter, muralist, stone/wood carver, sculptor, designer, restorer and teacher. He finds inspiration from his daily experiences with people and his environment--be it city or nature. Through a contemporary political and social lens, Bopp’s work reflects the modern human experience. He normally paints with acrylic and spray paint--oils on occasion--and is known to paint on any surface he can get his hands on. Bopp’s murals stand out with their bold colors and contrasting depiction of urban and natural environments. His street scenes romanticize Los Angeles and its multicultural landscape.
—Courtesy of Claire Gavin

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Image rights: Clinton Bopp