Clinton Marstall, ‘Patterns in Nature II’, 2017, Cerbera Gallery

About Clinton Marstall:
For the past decade I have simultaneously explored two styles of painting. One is a photorealistic approach, while the other is a hard-edged presentation. When viewed side by side these styles are quite disparate in appearance, however the methods are rather similar in that both require a tremendous amount of planning, organization and controlled execution. My passion for nature is the driving force behind every choice I make as a painter. My explorations into this realm are, of course, twofold. I am continuously searching for patterns in nature and thinking about the potential these patterns have for abstract compositions. I am also seeking poetic metaphors that convey how my human experiences can symbolically imitate biological occurrences in nature. I want to show how collectively disconnected from nature we have become, but also offer a passage back.

Image rights: Cerbera Gallery, Inc.

About Clinton Marstall

American, based in Kansas City, MO, United States