The Vtlava, Sunshine after Rain

About Clive Head

With his dynamic perspectives on realist cityscapes, Clive Head is considered by some to have created a new visual language for 21st-century painting. Head begins by sketching and studying from an unremarkable starting point—the exit of a London underground station or a window seat in a café—then reproducing the scene in paint from a wide-angled viewpoint so that it appears like a condensed, almost photographic panorama, impossible to contain in reality from a single viewpoint. Head draws influence from Cubism in his representation of movement through space and time, but aims for a more unified composition, saying, “I reject modernist fragmentation and instead seek a seamless surface, so the viewer can move around a unified space.” He cites the painters David Tinker and Richard Estes as major influences on his work.

British, b. 1965, Maidstone, Kent, based in Scarborough, United Kingdom