Colby Bird, ‘Untitled Leisure’, 2013, Lora Reynolds Gallery

About Colby Bird

Colby Bird works primarily in photography and sculpture—two mediums that he understands as “making signs and pointing at things, and framing this act of pointing”—to create work that engages with conceptual and art historical ideas. Some of the early work that made Bird’s name, which often included variable and interactive installations, examines bourgeois cultural commodification and consumption. Past works have included a sports banner that reads the hip-hop-appropriated word “SWAGGER,” as well as an installation of a small fridge filled with 40 oz. malt liquor bottles. Although he has described himself as being a product of “middleclass bro culture,” Bird strives to break beyond categorical boundaries and, as he says, “make art that concerns masculinity and class without making ‘boy’ art.”

American, b. 1978, Austin, Texas, based in New York, New York

Solo Shows

Fitzroy Gallery, 
New York,
Colby Bird, Clyde Glenn Burns

Group Shows

Los Angeles,

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Fitzroy Gallery at Art Los Angeles Contemporary 2014