Cole Sternberg, ‘The Sea With Only The Crows’, 2013, Headlands Center for the Arts: Benefit Auction 2017

Cole Sternberg works in a range of formats including painting, installation, video, and writing. His works have focused on a variety of social issues, from current human rights activism and its relationship to the law; to the environment; to the media and the concept of content overload. His works engage subtlety and subversion, driven by elegant visual concepts and poetry rather than overt political statements. Sternberg has exhibited nationally and internationally, including at the American University Museum, Washington, D.C.; El Segundo Museum of Art, California; Primary, Miami; David B. Smith Gallery, Denver; Los Angeles Nomadic Division (LAND); Paris Photo | LA, Los Angeles; e105 Gallery, Berlin; Arted House, East Hampton, New York; LAXART, Los Angeles; and MAMA, Los Angeles. He is completing his first documentary film, titled Are the Green Fields Gone? Sternberg lives and works in Los Angeles.
–Courtesy of Headlands Center for the Arts

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About Cole Sternberg

Cole Sternberg layers fields of color to create abstract paintings with social and political connotations, most notably referencing the proliferation of censorship across society. Sternberg inscribes text on canvas before painting over the words with several gestural layers, seeking to transform and eviscerate the content. He also creates subtle installation, photography, collage, and video works whose content has focused on various issues, from human rights issues and law to the environment and media. “The thing that motivates me is just whatever is in my head that’s bothering me,” the Los Angeles-based artist has said. “I want to change that into something that is also somewhat beautiful and interesting.”

American, b. 1979, Richmond, Virginia

Solo Shows

the windward side of the island
Los Angeles,
The Nature Of Breathing Salt
East Hampton,
a moment near the sea