Colette Miller, ‘Wings on Pink’, 2017, Street Art for ACLU: Benefit Auction 2017

This work was made specifically for this auction. Work ships from Los Angeles.

With a mother who grew up in Holland and Indonesia and a father who grew up in the United States, Colette Miller has always been globally connected. In 2012 she began The Global Wings Project, for which she has become internationally known and beloved. Using a variety of techniques including painting, wheatpasting and drawing, Miller installs her wings on streets and in neighborhoods throughout the world that could stand to benefit most from her message of peace and moral fortitude. The wings themselves are nostalgically reminiscent of the panels painted by Fra Angelico in the early 1400s during the Italian Renaissance. They are also incomplete. Although Miller’s wings allude to benevolent angels, where we expect to see the body of that being we are met with a void and a challenge instead. Since Miller’s wings are always positioned at eye-level, we are encouraged to step in between them, put them on and make an unspoken commitment to ourselves to live graciously and become the guardian angels of others. This pact, this opportunity, not only inspires us to be our best most loving selves, but also serves as a powerful reminder of the underlying good we should expect in others in turn.
—Courtesy of Lizy Dastin

Signature: Signed