Colin Selig, ‘Asymmetric Chair’, Vault Gallery

I work exclusively with used materials and have developed a patented process to re purpose salvage propane tanks, which are a readily available source of pre-curved steel. The production of my work is extremely eco-friendly from start to finish. The process begins with regionally sourced tanks, an abundant and sustainable material due to strict regulations limiting their service life. I carefully dissect the tanks and reassemble the pieces, while doing no additional reshaping of the material. Repurposing has a dramatically smaller carbon footprint than recycling because the source material is reused in its current form. Upon completion each object I create contains 99% post consumer reused content. My site furnishings are among the greenest available anywhere.

Signature: On Bottom

Image rights: Colin Selig

Manufacturer: Colin Selig

About Colin Selig

American, b. 1964, Washington, DC, United States, based in Walnut Creek, CA, United States